We offer several booking options depending on your needs.

Whole house:
Here you simply book Les Granges as a normal holiday home without any extras.
We run Saturday to Saturday at a cost of 750 Euro per week. It is a great base for all the activities covered in the website.

House with Astronomy:
This gives you the whole house as above PLUS the full astronomy facility with Olly's help at a cost of 900 Euro per week. It includes free imaging instruction as outlined on the Astro-Imaging page. All night observing is routine here for those who would like it.

House with Astronomy and taught Astro course:
This is the full house-with-astro booking PLUS 10 hours of introductory astronomy theory in the daytime. That is 1000 Euro for the week.

We stress that the prices above are not 'per person' but can be shared between by all the party.

Bed and Breakfast deals:

If you don't wish to take the whole house you can come for Bed and Breakfast.
This costs 42 Euro per person and includes the astronomy facilities shared with any other guests who are staying. (This would never exceed four people).

No hidden extras; we provide towels, bed and kitchen linen, firewood in winter, electricity and gas.
There are no singles supplements on the B and B and guests staying on the B and B deal are welcome to make themselves free cups of tea and coffee during the day.
We like our guests to feel at home!

Meals are optional on ALL the booking options above. Even if you book the self catering 'Whole House' option we can do the cooking if you wish. (Many people like to book a meal on their first night, for instance.)
We offer two levels - let's call them 'Very Good' and 'Even Better' - at 17 and 22 Euro respectively. This is for three courses with wine and coffee included. Again, no extras!

Sample menu at 17 Euro:

Generous mixed salad starter (sometimes from the garden).
Main: Toulouse sausages braised in dry Normandy cider with puree potatoes and French beans.
Dessert: Monique's home made apple tart.
Red, White or Rose wine and fresh coffee.