Local Area

Although Orpierre has an outdoor pool we'd really recommend the beautiful Plan d'Eau du Riou just a little further away. (About 25 minutes.)
Surrounded by hills, the artificial lake feels very natural, though there are picnic tables, barbecues, pedaloes, prepared 'beaches', lawns and a secure swimming area for children.
It's all free, spacious and very relaxing. Nearby are some wonderful walks and bike rides, too, so you can have some excercise then relax.
We can fix you up with picnic plates and cool boxes for your day out.
Plan d'Eau du Riou

Going to market is an event in France and from here you can find one somewhere on most days of the week.
You'll be spoilt for choice amongst local stallholders offering fresh fruit and veg, olives, honey, specialist breads and cakes, charcuterie and hot dishes to take away.
On Thursdays in Laragne a brilliant fish stall offers produce fresh from the coast and an Italian couple come over the border with the best Parmesan you'll ever taste!
Local market

Springtime is perfect for wild flowers, including the protected Black Tulip seenhere.
Whole fields light up in vibrant colour, butterflies roam and the landscape is lush and green.
Black Tulip

Nearby Remuzat is home to a thriving colony of Grifon vultures who sometimes soar over Les Granges. We also spot golden eagles, buzzards, owls and many delightful smaller birds.
Springtime astronomy is accompanied by the song of nightingales.
Image: christian testaniere with thanks.